Saturday, October 7, 2017

Difference Between Paint And Paintless Dent Repair Explained By Pros of Car Hail Damage Repair In Dallas

People who are living on the west side such as Dallas would surely know that it is a city of sudden hailstorms. At one point the weather report shows a sunny day and you are out to enjoy, the next moment the weather turns strange and you experience a hailstorm. Hail happens and either you take preventive measures or face the damage. If you succeed in saving your car from the hail, then it’s great, but if you don’t you have to go through a series of processes. There are many companies who will guide you regarding car hail damage repair Dallas and you can seek their help.

Steps to Perform After Damage
Once the damage has been done then you will need to go through a few steps to ensure that you get your car to the repair shop quickly.
·         Firstly, you need to contact your car insurance company to ask how much of expenses they will cover for the car.
·         Next, you will need to search for the best repair shops in your city and ask the price estimate that they will give.
·         Once you have taken the best price estimate according to your range, you will get to know how much of damage will be covered by your expenses.
·         It is your car, so you will need to find the best car hail damage repair Dallas. For that, you will need to search Google and take reviews of the repair shops and finally decide one.

Repairing The Damage
A car is a very valuable asset and also a need. Some people value their car immensely and they need a flawless car. Unfortunately, a hailstorm can damage a car to an extreme extent, the paint can be stripped off and the car is full of scratches and dents. At this point, your car repair company will ask you that whether you want a traditional paint dent repair or the paintless dent repair. Below is the difference between paint dent repair and the paintless dent repair for you to better decide.

·         The traditional paint dent repair is used by companies since centuries ago. This process includes filling in the dent, then matching the paint color with the vehicle color, smoothing and sanding all the surfaces which have dents and then repainting the whole vehicle and giving it time to dry. This
Car Hail Damage Repair Dallas
method is used for bigger dents and is more time-consuming and expensive. Plus, this method also alters the shape of your vehicle.

·         The paintless dent repair is the process used for smaller dents. The process is very convenient for car owners and also is very cost effective and less time to consume as no fillers or sanding is used in the process. There is no need to match the paint or touch up. In this process, a small hole is drilled in one corner and through specialized equipment and tools the dent is massaged back into its original place without much hassle. The best part about this method is that the car is brought back into its shape and looks as new as on its first day.

Most insurance companies and the car hail damage repair Dallas will guide you for paintless dent repair method due to convenience.